Facilitating strategic insights

Systems Innovation Practice is a small group of professionals and academics who have extensive experience and training in system dynamics. We’ve teamed up with isee systems to offer clients an alternative to traditional consulting services.

We strive to achieve big insights using small models and clear explanations. These insights are the building blocks for solutions to important problems in business and public policy.

Applying system dynamics

We work closely with our clients to generate insights in a collaborative environment while utilizing the rigorous scientific method of system dynamics. Our work involves constructing models of how materials flow and people make decisions.

Using computer simulations and systems thinking analysis creates deep understanding of the problem at hand — an essential requirement for designing interventions that avoid unwanted future outcomes.

Understanding complexity

Tomorrow is not simply today plus one. Our models use the rich structure of interaction that defines our complex world to offer strategic insights into why things are happening, and what might happen.

We keep our clients involved in model conceptualization and development which are important parts of understanding complex problems. We strive for compact, easily explainable models. Clarity of models leads to clarity of understanding!